2019 1:18 AUTO WORLD AMERICAN MUSCLE *GOLD* 1968 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside NIB!

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Chevrolet® trucks have been a staple of the American dream for 100 years. Their strength not only helped build today’s thriving economy, they also helped build families. Generations of hard-working Americans have relied on their trusty Chevy® to haul everything under the sun to enrich their way of life. It could be countless bushels of this year’s sweet corn harvest, or their son or daughter’s furniture as they move into a college dorm, or even a sweet 454 crate motor going into the next award- winning custom hot rod. Chevy® trucks have been delivering greatness since 1918.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Chevy® trucks, Auto World has replicated one of the classic American workhorses—the 1968 Chevy® C-10™ in factory- matched Saddle Fawn Metallic paint.


• Detailed Engine

• Steerable Front Wheels

• Accurate Interior and Chassis

 Opening Doors and Hood 


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